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New laws and regulations are being enacted at the federal and state levels, and some are severe, such as the potential for a $10,000 per incident fine in Massachusetts. Those professionals who continue to use these methods of transmitting sensitive information to their clients risk not only the potential exposure of that data, but perhaps even the future of their firm.

CPAs Outsource, LLC securely send files by attaching a link to files in email assuring our clients all the information transfer online will be transmitted with 256-bit SSL encryption within the client portal.

Client portals—secure online storage areas—offer an alternative to e-mail for communicating and collaborating with clients. Here’s how portals typically work: CPAs Outsource, LLC uploads the client's document—or any other information the client may want—to a secure Web site, where each client has a personal password and can log on to retrieve information. When CPAs Outsource, LLC adds a new document, the client receives an e-mail with instructions on how to log on and view it.

Because the peace of mind of not having to worry about potential security breaches, the cost of a portal is well worth and the service for our clients is absolutely free!!

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