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CPA@Cloud, a subsidiary of CPAs Outsource LLC, dedicated to deliver remote or virtual accounting services to the client at a fraction of the cost if hiring in house.


We offer the following services as a Virtual CFO:


(1) FInancial Statements & Reports

If your business is actively spending and making money, you need to be looking at financial statements. We recommend a monthly financial statement review. If they cause your head to spin, you should get some help with interpretation.


(2) Policies and Procedures

When a business gets to a complexity level where it is interacting with many employees, vendors, and customers, it’s time to make sure you have financial policies in place. This is the key CONTROL layer in our hierarchy, as the need establishes what SHOULD be done.


(3) Measurement & Management

This includes measuring actual financial results to a budget, setting-up and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and performing analysis on the numbers. It also includes interpreting the results of the measurement and discussing with the business owner so informed decisions can be made. One of our mantras is “what gets measured, gets managed”, and we have seen this to be true in our work with clients.


(4) Profit Optimization

We can help owners see what expenses are not helping them and where they can increase revenue. We encourage owners to watch expenses and increase revenue, no matter where they are on their journey.


(5) Strategic Planning & Decision Making

The CFO can provide strategic insights based on the plans, forecasts, and planning tools that are developed and customized for the business. The Owner is like the captain of a ship and steers it to where he wants to go. The CFO is the navigator who advises the captain on the best path to arrive at the destination safely and efficiently.


(6) Bookkeeping and Tax Compliance services also available under a CPA supervision. 

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